Content Samurai Review Makes Awesome Videos FAST!

This Content Samurai Review Was Made Using Content Samurai

Content Samurai Review Is Not The Easiest KW to Rank For But after Just a Few Minutes Made It To Position 9 in YouTube.

This is not using an authority YT account, take a look, just one other video up there. Anyway content samurai has my stamp of approval in every way possible.

Content Samurai Get the Images and adds them and the text automatically!

Its a complete video creation suite all in one. You get a very nice easy intuitive user panel in  an online app, so it will work on every computer. You get access to all the images you could ever need, add video backgrounds, it animates the text, does all the transitions – and it does it all automatically.

How Does Content Samurai Handle Voice Overs?

Check out the video at exactly 3:55 Right Here if you click there it will take you to the exact spot. But if you don’t want to click and see it on YouTube, let me tell you, it handles it eery way possible and does it amazingly.

It does, automatic voices, with males and female voices, different accents, it automatically adds and syncs everyhting. It has a super intuitive way to add your own voice, of iv you want to either upload your own voice oeer or just have a music track its up to you.

Click here to get a free YouTube cheat sheet to get the most ot of your video marketig its free…

Using video is the easiest way to drive traffic and leads online, they rank super easy in YouTube and YouTube alone is the second largest search engine online, so it in itself is a huge traffic source and leave it out is really silly!


Is SEO Autopilot or Money Robot the top Dog?

Looking at this review right here, if you want to build high quality links and not waste your time the clear answer is SEO Autopilot.

Check out the SEO Autopilot vs Money Robot Review Below from Noelles Blog

SEO Autopilot vs Money Robot Looking at the results – there is NO comparison. The real easy way to find out it so take there FREE trial and test them against each other. Compare How SEO AutoPilot Works Against Money Robot for FREE There are a lot of reviews out there and I have to […]

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White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO John Mueller Leaks How Black Hat Works!

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO Show Ep 10. w/ the Notorious NFG SEO! (Mike Pearse, Brad Angel & Mr. Matrix) & Facebook Ad Guru Steve Fantasia NFG Special Gif

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Awesome first post with a leak from John Muller at Google! But the real question is white hat SEO or Black Hat SEO! How did it even get that name?


Are you a whit hat SEO or a black hat and if so why? WLt us know if the comments